Friday, October 9, 2009

grace upon grace = grace squared?

I listened to a sermon online last Sunday and one phrase, from a passage in John 1:16, really stood out to me. It mentions that we receive grace upon grace from God. All week, this has been my mantra, my breath prayer. As I prayed this and thought about this concept, I began to be convicted by how easy it is for me to ask for God's grace, and how difficult it is for me to dispense it. I also realized that in order to dispense grace I require even more! It seems like a compound grace effect where I am always needing more. I am so humbled by my lack of grace, because even though I withold it, God never does.

Another random note: I wanted to share this website with you all. Specifically, the essay in the link below really spoke to me about "trying to do everything" as a woman. What part's of you does this speak to?

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