Thursday, September 17, 2009

perspectives on death and heaven

So, we just moved to Denver and that was a little scary to consider because it took us so long to feel at home in Colorado Springs when we both moved there. But, I realized this morning that I'm already feeling at home here, mainly because we found a church that we both feel at home at and are excited to check out more and get to know more.

This past weekend, the sermon was on being "holistic" and mainly focused on perspectives of heaven. While I'm not an expert on the topic, there were a few main points that were just so good from the sermon. He focused a lot on how death is bad. One of the main comments the pastor made was that God's original plan was for us to live in perfect unity with him; death was not in the plan. Death was against what God started. I had never thought about death this way before hearing this. And so, essentially, his focus (and how he tied it back to being holistic) is that God is in the business of redemption today and is restoring our world even today. The Bible does not reveal a lot about what heaven is like, but it does teach us how to love God and love others. Our focus should not be fixated on just the someday of heaven and in getting there, but in living now in our present lives. And so, the question becomes "how is God rebuilding, renewing, and restoring this world in the midst of the present evil?"

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